Stealing someone’s wallet or cell is illegal. We know. That said, it can also be a thing of beauty. Watching someone who is skilled in the art of pickpocketing is like watching an incredible magician. Don’t believe us? Check out these videos from some masters of stealth theft.

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Derren Brown

If you’ve ever seen Mind Control with Derren Brown (a show that was on Sci-Fi/Syfy for a bit), you know that Derren Brown’s skills go far beyond pickpocketing. He tricks people into all sorts of insane things. Seriously, watch it if you haven’t. Here he demonstrates how he can use tactile misdirection to swipe things like a watch, a wallet, and even some poor dude’s tie. (Link)

James Freedman

In this TED talk, James Freedman calls two audience members up on stage to help him out. He then proceeds to hand one of them all the stuff he continually swipes from the other. It also provides valuable tips like: Be careful around “Be aware of pickpockets” signs. It’s also brilliant. (Link)Block Platform High Boots Beige Solid Heel Boots Smilice Women Fashion High Color Knee aOUT1c

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Apollo Robbins

Apollo Robbins is so good, The Today Show had him on to try and do his stealing live. He did, and proceeded to remove a variety of items from Matt Lauer and crew. Not only does he remove watches, pens, and wallets, but he does more fascinating stuff that you won’t even realize until the end. (Link)

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Dominique Risbourg

Anytime there’s a comment on a Youtube video that says, “How did he steal the man’s sock?” WATCH THAT VIDEO! The collection of nice watches he gathers from the crowd is pretty hilarious as well. (Link)

Bob Arno

Don’t piss off Bob Arno in public or he might just remove the shirt you’re wearing without you noticing. Actually, that would be getting off easy. He could also take your underwear, which he does in the video. (Link)

James Brown

No, the Founder of Funk did not go around swiping wallets, this James Brown happens to be a “Professional Opportunist.” He pulls off other sleight of hand moves, but the lifting of watches is the most impressive. He’s also a hypnotist, which sounds like a deadly combination for the prospects of hanging onto your cash. (Link)

Mark Raffles

For one of the most insanely fast watch steals, fast-forward to the 6:06 mark. Seriously, blink and you’ll miss it. Which is why we now refuse to blink in public. It’s very painful. (Link)

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